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Look To Book
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Answers to frequently asked program questions.

This support topic is in the Earn Points category.

How do I earn Look To Book points when booking on the GDS?
When booking through the Global Distribution System (GDS), you must include master chain code CW and either your personal booking name or your account V-number in the Supplementary Information (SI) field. It will look like either:
  • SI-CW-VØ123456 (using your account V-number)
  • OR
  • SI-CW-JSMITH (using your first initial and last name)

You must enter the information as the first thing in the SI field before ending the reservation to earn your points. Once travel is completed, the system will automatically award points for eligible bookings to your account on looktobook.com 15 days after the checkout date.

If you work out of more than one IATA number, please use your account V-number in the SI field. This will direct all your points to the same account so long as the IATA is registered with Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group.

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