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Radisson Rewards for Business
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Answers to frequently asked program questions.

This support topic is in the Earn Points category.

How are Radisson Rewards for Business points earned?

Members will automatically earn points each time a reservation with a Radisson Rewards for Business entry is booked and consumed through Radisson Rewards participating hotels worldwide via the GDS or branded hotel websites. Points are earned only on room revenue; points will not be earned on taxes and service charges. 

When booking through the GDS or the brand websites, you must include master chain code CW and either your account V-number or your personal booking name in the SI field of the GDS (or in the Travel Agent Booking Name field on the brand websites) before ending the reservation.

Examples: SI-CW-V0123456 or SI-CW-SMITH 

After completing the reservation, points for the booking will appear in your online account as "pending." Once the booking is consumed, please allow up to 14 days for your points to transfer to “spendable.”

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